Enterprise Managed IT

Enterprise Firewall Protection

Our Firewalls is a security tool that examine the flow of data packets in and out of our enterprise network; they're governed by rules that decide whether that flow is safe, malicious, or questionable and in need of inspection.
Any malicious activity or hacker trying to get into our network it's automatically block by our Enterprise Routers.

QoS for VoIP (Quality Of Service)

QoS (Quality of Service) is a major issue in todays networks implementations as most business networks don't have one implemented.
Our QoS guarantees that packet traffic for a voice or other media connection will not be delayed or dropped due interference from other lower priority traffic on your network.

Enterprise Firewall and QoS Bundle

Includes our Award Winning Enterprise Firewall Protection and QoS (Quality Of Service) for VoIP.

Load Sharing and Fail Over

Bandwidth Sharing between two or more WANs with Fail Over in case one of them goes down, it's important now a days to always have your business on-line at all times. (Requires two different Internet Providers)